Trials of Money


Sunday 14 July
19:00 - 21:00: La Planquée

Christophe Meierhans (BE, CH)


Can money be held responsible for today’s disastrous state of affairs? Trials of Money transforms the stage into a court of law to hold a trial. How do you start proceedings if everyone in the room is in bed with the accused? How to you ask money to take responsibility for its actions when it cannot express itself, let alone defend itself?

This trial is a collective exercise. When an actor testifies, the public can intervene and ask questions. Every spectator can either accuse or defend, based on their personal convictions and audience response.

If money should be judged guilty, what would be the appropriate sentence?



 Concept & realisation: Christophe Meierhans Performance: Christophe Meierhans, Luca Mattei With the collaboration of: Shila Anaraki, Jochen Dehn, Adva Zakai Dramaturgy: Bart Capelle Original scenography:Decoratelier Jozef Wouters Light saber microphones: Alexis Pawlak, Gaia Carabillo Costumes: Sofie Durnez, Valerie Le Roy Monetary advice: Olivier Auber Production: Hiros, Elisa Demarré Co-production: AUAwirleben, BIT Teatergarasjen, Next Festival, FAR°, Kaaitheater, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, Teatro Maria Matos, Vooruit, ZonaK With the support of: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, ProHelvetia