Festival Map and Layout

At the end of each edition, the Festival undergoes self-analysis. Starting as early as August every year, the team reflects on new ways to spark that magical moment shared between festivalgoers and artistic performances. "How can curiosity be stimulated? How do we create the ideal settings for the spectacles? How do we connect the Festival and the site's historical heritage and urban development? How do we facilitate movement and flow within the Festival?"  From a wide array of ideas, only a few survive technical and financial constraints. Not to mention the select handful that make the cut amongst all propositions subject to city approval.

Novelty remains possible despite restrictions. A few examples in this 48th edition include a new stage dedicated to contemporary artists called La Planquée, located on the parking space behind Château Saint-Maire. On the Esplanade du Parlement, La Perchée will be transfomred into a bare and a tri-frontal set. La Châtelaine will be back this year. Together with other two stages, this will become the new performance arts area.

Other surprises: a Big Top will invade the Friche du Vallon during four days to host a circus, and Placette Bonnard will be transformed into a festive haven where festival-goers can dance to the tunes of a sound system all week.

Wildly popular during the two previous editions, Le Grand CanyonLa Face Nord and Les Marches will be back this year. La Cathédrale, the gardens, the places and the squares will host various artistic projects throughout the week. 

To print the map:  Festival Map 2019 (70.7 KB)

Plan d'implantation du Festival de la Cité 2018