Festival de la Cité Foundation

The Festival is managed by a private foundation: the Festival de la Cité Foundation.

The Governing Board, chaired by Ms. Valérie Humbert, is composed of up to nine persons representing the cultural and economic sectors, the canton of Vaud, and the city of Lausanne.

Ms. Myriam Kridi has been the Festival Director since September 2015.

The programming results from the vision of and subsequent development by a four-member team of individuals that are highly experienced in the arts and culture sector. The team also benefits from a large external network of expertise.

The extended office consists of a team of 19 responsible for overseeing the Festival’s development, administration and finances, programming, production, technical aspects, publicity, food and beverage, and human resources.

Before, during and after the Festival, about 350 people – most of whom are remunerated – work to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Foundation Governing Board: