Selva Nuda


Saturday 13 July
19:45 - 20:30: La Châtelaine

Selva Nuda (CH)

Folk - Poetic songs

Oscillating between Italian and French, the singer from Ticino reveals not just her wild side and her dreams but also the most vulnerable parts of herself. She shares her melancholy with intoxicating simplicity, consumed by a visceral need to express what lies beneath her skin to face the fear it evokes. Selva Nuda uses her voice and her guitar to awaken raw emotionality that can shatter a heart. Her delicate folk music is born from shedding light into a secret garden; it is an invitation that gently incites the listener to open up and bare it all.



Vocals & Guitar: Cristina Castelli a.k.a. Selva Nuda