San Salvador


Wednesday 10 July
21:00 - 22:00: Le Grand Canyon

San Salvador (FR)

Trans Vocal

Six voices, two toms, twelve hands and a tambourine. San Salvador is mostly a vocal formation, with the exception of a few percussions. The French sextet clearly place an emphasis on their vocal cords. Harmonizing, balancing female and male tones, and polyphony: it’s all there. The group also display an interest in folklore by choosing to express themselves in the Occitan language. It is a heritage from which they respectfully draw inspiration from, while twisting it around to reinvent a legacy.



Vocals & Tom: Thibault Chaumeil 

Vocals & Tambourine: Gabriel Durif

Vocals: Laure Nonique Desvergnes

Vocals & Bass Drum: Sylvestre Nonique Desvergnes

Vocals & Tom: Marion Lherbeil

Vocals: Eva Durif