Friday 12 July
19:00 - 20:00: Les Marches - Pont Bessières
Saturday 13 July
18:30 - 19:30: Les Marches - Pont Bessières

Volmir Cordeiro / Cie Donna Volcan (BR)

Contemporary Dance

Brazilian Volmir Cordeiro drew inspiration from Brecht’s “War Primer” in creating his new piece of oral and corporal poetry. Cordeiro moves in step with the music, evoking a vibrant carnival with his suggestive and extravagant poses, wildly exaggerated with regards to classical and contemporary dance standards. For instance, he mimes a conversation with tiny invisible things, stirring them up before crushing them. It is reminiscent of people led on by their rulers before their untimely extermination.

The dancer’s movements give meaning to the word street. Volmir Cordeiro moves, then stops… because the street is not just a place where we move, it is also a place where movement ceases. A place where death lives in times of war and peace. On this street we tread every single day, Volmir Cordeiro, Washington Timbó and Bertold Brecht’s words attempt to change the traffic signs.

The secret to this solo: abstraction. It is what creates its universality. The performance is electric in a way that only an energetic and talented performer can accomplish. With his radical presence, Volmir Cordeiro portrays the intensity of urban life, its raptures and violence alike. Wherever the crossroads may be, whether it is in Sao Paolo, New York or Lagos, the urban condition is universal.



Choreography: Volmir Cordeiro

Performance: Volmir Cordeiro, Washington Timbo

Production: Donna Volcan

Management, Production & Broadcasting: MANAKIN / Lauren Boyer & Leslie Perrin