Saturday 13 July
18:45 - 19:30: La Perchée

Joan Català (ES)

Circus - Acrobatics

Joan Català enters the scene alone, carrying a heavy tree trunk and a zinc bucket over his shoulders. These objects are his only accessories. The dancer moves his body through an unusual ballet, guided by the (dis)equilibrium of the large piece of wood. His simple moves are inspired by his family of blacksmiths – namely the dialogue between men and tools – as well as traditional Catalan celebrations around masts and towers.

Joan Català delineates a playground without any tape or physical barrier. He creates a central space that is both empty and full, and uses the sheer magnetism of curiosity to attract passersby. He turns around, he leans forward, he carries, he watches… something is definitely simmering.

Reaching his goal (which we won’t tell you here!) means he has to rally the troops (you), unite forces and instill the feeling of solidarity. It is a wonderful metaphor depicting community.

Pelat lifts the barriers between dance, circus, theater and performance; it blurs the line between spectator and performance. Pelat is a ritual. It is no longer a spectacle in the word’s literal sense, but more of a ceremony.

Before launching his solo career, Joan Català worked with numerous companies such as the astonishing Catalan troupe Fura dels Baus and Circus Klezmer.



Artist: Joan Català Carrasco