O.B.F & Charlie P & Shanti D


Saturday 13 July
00:30 - 01:30: Le Grand Canyon

O.B.F & Charlie P & Shanti D (FR)

Reggae / Dub

Fans of Dub, rejoice! O.B.F. is in town for Festival de la Cité. One of the top groups in the field, they are solid producers who have unearthed treasures over their fifteen years of existence. Their main influences are Jamaican and English Dub, but they are fairly openminded. They have expanded their horizons towards grime, dancehall and obviously reggae, all while picking and choosing from different eras. To top it all off, MCs Shanti D and Charlie P. will join them on stage. Knowing how these two spit the mic, you can expect a pretty crazy evening. 

It’s gonna be skankin’ wild!



Vocals: Charlie P

Vocals: Shanti D