La Spire


Tuesday 9 July
18:30 - 19:15: La Riponne
Wednesday 10 July
18:30 - 19:15: La Riponne

Chloé Moglia - Compagnie Rhizome (FR)


The structure seems to kiss the sky; a long, thin spiral made of steel wire rope becomes three loops spanning seven meters in diameter. Several women appear and slowly hoist their bodies upward. Weightless, they twist, float and unravel as they flirt with gravity.

The women are named “les suspensives” (the suspended), and they inhabit this monumental yet vaporous structure. They expand their individual presence in a space that widens and refreshes the range of our perceptions. “Up in the air, they carry with them a sense of wonder that enables us to discover the hidden ramifications of indiscernible strength. Common knowledge dictates that strength, tenacity and determination are at odds with tenderness and sensitivity, and common knowledge often needs to be challenged and questioned,” writes Chloé Moglia. “Because worlds are born from the womb of femininity,” La Spire gives rise to fragments of stories woven together by individuals forced to make their way in a hostile world.

Multi-instrumentalist Marielle Châtain (The Dø, Jeanne Added) enlivens this creation with notes from her baritone saxophone and her various sound machines. Music delineates the contours of this aerial playground. It is a place where lines, curves and gaps interconnect, a place where time and space expand.

Born in 1978, Chloé Moglia first trained as a trapeze artist before turning to martial arts. Highlighting the paradox between strength and fragility, she integrates two opposing art forms: one grounded, and the other aerial. The artist prefers to bring her creation to life beyond four walls: in green spaces, in public areas, in the heart of a bustling city, or in places imbued with spirituality such as Mont Saint-Michel.

Beyond the performance, this poetic piece is an invitation to contemplate, to dream.



Artistic Direction and Staging: Chloé Moglia

Les suspensives (in order of appearance): Mathilde Arsenault-Van Volsem, Fanny Austry, Anna Le Bozec, Océane Pelpel, Mélusine Lavinet Drouet, Noémie Bouissou et Chloé Moglia

Technical Design and Installation: Eric Noël et Silvain Ohl

Music: Marielle Chatain

Design - Sound Device: Gilles Olivesi

Stage Manager: Loïc Jouanjan

Light Engineer: Coralie Pacreau

Sound Engineer: Gilles Olivesi or Laurent Guigonnet

Costumes: Myriam Rault

Production: Chloé Moglia

Delegated Management: Le Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest

Sincere thanks to Laurence Edelin.