La Bibiliothèque sonore des femmes


Tuesday 9 July
17:30 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis
Wednesday 10 July
17:30 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis
Thursday 11 July
17:30 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis
Friday 12 July
17:30 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis
Saturday 13 July
17:30 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis
Sunday 14 July
17:00 - 00:00: Caveau 12bis

Julie Gilbert (CH, FR)

Installation Art

Have you read Simone de Beauvoir’s work ? Do you know Audre Lorde? Have you heard of Susan Sontag? Author and screenwriter Julie Gilbert created an audio library of works by female authors to feed our imagination and help us create new references. This stems from a desire to reinforce the female perspective of our heritage into our collective memory.

A collection of first-person narratives and fictional monologues unveil notable figures such as Griséldis Réal, Paulette Nardal, Susan Sontag, Emily Dickenson, Fadwa Souleimane, Marina Tsvetaeva, Isabelle Eberhardt, Catherin Colomb, Agota Kristof.

How do we connect with them? Telephones. Each handset puts us in touch with one of the authors, as if they were calling from beyond

Authors Julie Gilbert, Dorothée Thébert, Marie Fourquet, Florence Minder, Céline Delbecq, Marina Skalova, Karelle Menine and Douna Loup lend their unique writing style to reinvent voices of the past. Actresses Fanny Brunet, Julia Perazzini, Pascale Vachoux, Delphine Wuest, Mélina Martin, Rébecca Balestra, Radhia Chapot-Habbes, Jana Rudenco, Alice Papin and Fanny Pelichet make these voices come alive.    



Project & Performance: Julie Gilbert

Narration: Rebecca Balestra, Radhia Chapot-Habbes, Fanny Pelichet, Jana Rudenko, Aline Papin, Delphine Wuest, Pascale Vachoux, Mélina Martin, Fanny Brunet, Julia Perazzini

Conception & Technical Installation : Philippe Maeder, in collaboration with filmmaker Frédéric Choffat

Co-production: Fondation Jean Michalski - for writing and litteratureLe bureau des écritures et Maison Rousseau et de la Littérature (Geneva)

This project is funded by BPEV, République et Canton de Genève and Ville de Genève.