The Jaguar and The Snake


Tuesday 9 July
22:00 - 23:00: La Perchée
Wednesday 10 July
22:00 - 23:00: La Perchée

Amanda Pina (MX, CL, AT)


“The Jaguar and the Snake” is a piece inspired by the countless beings that inhabit Amerindian folklore, both material and verbal. Amanda Piña, Lina Maria Venegas and Yoan Sorin embody entities that blur the boundaries between humans, animals and plants. The question then arises: what kind of relationships are possible between these different kingdoms of life? For the indigenous people of the Amazon, the natural condition common to humans and animals is not animality, but rather humanity. Animals are ex-humans, humans are not ex-animals.

The piece creates a visionary world nestled between ancestral indigenous knowledge and contemporary performance art. “Art can be a sort of magic; I believe in its power of transformation,” states the Mexican-Chilean choreographer. Her work portrays rituals in which the connection between the performers and the spectators is paramount.