Saturday 13 July
17:30 - 18:00: La Perchée
Sunday 14 July
17:30 - 18:00: La Perchée

Cie Sylex (FR)

Dance / Music

Grrrrr is a ritualistic dance that brings animal figures made of pelts, furs and feathers to life. The impressive costume eases the dancer’s metamorphosis into different animals, ranging from tiger to horse to bird, all while keeping her own legs to dance. This bestiary of hybrid animals takes the children into a tender, gentle universe that is both absurd and magical.

Animality allows what we forbid our domesticated bodies: to breathe noisily, to wriggle and jiggle around, to crawl and slither… In a nutshell, it allows us to run wild. Animals have always been the ideal mode of interpretation to characterize transgressions and catharsis. They illustrate what we want to be, and what we are afraid of. 

Grrrrr is a wild and festive experience, a grand ball!

Ages 3 and up.



Choreography & Dance: Sylvie Balestra

Costumes: Lucie Hannequin

External Consultant: Cyrielle Bloy

Music: David Cabiac

Lighting: Eric Blosse

Support & Development: Vanessa Vallée

Production: Sylex

Co-production: DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine,  Fumel-communauté (47)

Wit the support of Carré-Colonnes, scène métropolitaine (33)

 SYLEX is supported by la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine & le Conseil Départemental du Lot-et-Garonne


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