Fruit Vert & Delphine Dora


Friday 12 July
19:30 - 20:30: Jardin du Petit Théâtre

Delphine Dora, Fruit Vert (FR, CA)

Special Creation


This show is part of 
Hummus Records and Three:Four Records' Carte Blanche series.


On paper, neither one nor the other is there to be the next radio darlings. On one hand lies Hummus Records. The label from La Chaux-de-Fonds is born from the fires of heavy guitar riffs with vocals dripping of molten steel. On the other hand, there’s Three:four, a Lausanne-based record label specializing in instrumental, abstract and mostly acoustic music. The path from the gut to the brain passes through the heart, and these two industrious ventures’ hearts are beating in the same passionate rhythm.

La Cité offered the two labels their creative space within the gardens of Le Petit Théâtre during the festival’s entire run.

“We share the same spirit of independence and curiosity, and a particular staying power,” states Hummus Records’ Louis Jucker, the label’s founder and a musician in his own right. It is not La Cite’s first experience with his dogged persistence. Jucker was already allowed carte blanche two years ago to orchestrate his universe and highlight his favorites on Lausanne’s cobblestones. 

This year, Louis Jucker is one among the diverse inventory of artists performing in this playground of concerts, musical entertainment, readings, discussions and other experimentations. “The loudest artists in the label won’t be playing electric, since 105db is still not allowed at La Cité” reassures the screamer from the Coilguns trio, a post-hardcore Stakhanovite group.

Hummus will develop its songwriting and experimental side during this stint, highlighting artists such as their dark star Emilie Zoé. On the other hand, Three:Four will use this cohabitation to mark their ten-year anniversary with a bang: an open house on their spunky, confidential and international artist list. Music by Noverto Lobo, Tresque, Midget or Manuel Troller is not as offbeat as it seems – you can be the judge. It is the occasion to melt over Portuguese guitar riffs that dip into Bossa Americana and to test repetitive techno beats. It is the opportunity to sample French music that embraces pop and contemporary music. Finally, it is the chance to savor the pleasure of minimalist guitar played by a virtuoso who loves rhythmic electro just as much as the rich sound of wooden instruments.

The cherry on top of this delicious musical sundae? The garden will host the performance of aptly named Fruit Vert, an alluring female duo described by Three:Four boss Gaëtan Seguin as “two priestesses of melancholy”. Amen.


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