Félicien LiA


Thursday 11 July
19:30 - 20:30: Les Marches - Pont Bessières

Félicien Lia (CH)


Summing up Félicien Donzé’s career in a short paragraph is not just complicated, it’s impossible. The artist from Franches-Montagnes already released seven albums: three with Ska Nerfs in his early years and four solo albums. 

LiA is passionate about music and finding the perfect lyrics to go along with the melodies. His album Feux des Fous, released in March, is a blend of groove, psychedelic guitar and songs with meaningful verses. It is the singer’s best album yet, and one of the best releases in the Swiss music scene this year.

Check his music out, and do it now.



Guitar & Vocals: Félicien Donzé

Bass & Vocals: Simon Gerber

Drums & Vocals: Tobias Schramm

Percussion & Vocals: Marius Rivier

Guitar & Vocals: Léonard Persoz 

Saxophone: Jérémie Steiger

Sound Technician: Benoit Erard

Merchandise: Patricia Riedweg