Ebony Bones


Saturday 13 July
23:00 - 00:00: Le Grand Canyon

Ebony Bones (CH, UK)

Afro Hip-Hop Punk

Ebony Bones is someone who is consistent. Her signature look is a visual patchwork: a blonde afro that is sometimes sculpted in cube-shaped pigtails, multicolored garb of different styles and from different eras, record covers flashing more brightly than Broadway neon signs. It is a good reflection of the controlled chaos that outlines her music.

The British musician plays with boundaries and styles, using sound production as the neverending playground for all her wildest fantasies. Releasing three albums in ten years is a testimony to this voracity. She also feeds her appetite by biting into many live shows: concerts, DJ performances, fashion shows and expositions all around the world.

Ebony Bones (née Thomas) chose a nontraditional path early in life. She made her debut playing a rebellious teenager in the sitcom “Family Affairs” before reaching the spotlights of prestigious venues. Her father’s career of selling records at Brixton Market is probably to blame. After spending her early years finding her way in a maze of vinyl crates, she continued wandering without ever trying to look for a hypothetical exit.

It is all such intoxicating fun as she uncaps old bottles of afrobeat, inhales the scents of electronica, sniffs the groove of rocksteady, swallows a bunch of hardcore amphetamines or gets drunk on potent swigs of brass symphonies. In her latest release “Nephilim”, Ebony Bones gives herself the luxury of not having to choose between the “do it yourself” mentality of London punk and the sophistication of a musical puzzle only the Beijing Symphony Orchestra can piece together.

The singer is equal parts performer and producer and she enjoys concocting sound collages just as much as bringing them to life in concerts, where she radiates flashes of flamboyant (and terrifying) energy. Ebony Bones forced her grandiose vision and her talent as a gifted (mad)scientist into a very masculine world of pop producers. She is the worthy successor of the iconic legacies of her musical idols, namely Grace Jones, Björk, Annie Lennox et Missy Elliott.

Come take a plunge into her kaleidoscope, live in the heart of La Cité.