Donny Benét


Tuesday 9 July
22:30 - 23:30: La Face Nord

Donny Benét (AU)

Post Disco

Watch this mustachioed man’s impassive face nestled in a plethora of zany videos, and you’ll know for a fact that this Australian is everything but a flop. It was a decade - heck, an eternity - ago: 2008 to be exact. After teaming up with Daft Punk’s Guy-Man and Marc Dorcel’s Rico, Sébastien Tellier released his sexed-up synth album “Sexuality.” Now that this guru of love and rampage grew old before his years, how does one go about finding his spiritual offspring? Spin a globe and let your finger land on… Sydney. There you’ll find the improved version, for if Seb was good, well… Donny, he’s better. What better proof than his fourth album? Definitely no room for doubt there. In the same way that Jeffrey Lebowski is “The Dude”, Donny Benét is “The Don”. Simple as that.

Underneath the balding head, the Giorgio Moroder demeanor and his bargain bin look that will never find a Tinder match, there is the very best of the 80s funky and suave dolce vita. In “The Don,” you can find sliding synths, well-rounded bass, euphoria and melancholy, carelessness, polished melodies and devil-may-care hit tracks.

In a nutshell, income tax will be the last thing on your mind when listening to this album. You’d be more likely to think of Pet Shop Boys, Patrick Cowley, Pino D’Angio, Jan Hammer, Tonetta, The Strokes (yes, listen to ‘Night in Rome’). It’s a treat to see this amazing, engrossing bloke shake his groove thing, with his twinkling eyes and his chloroformed superego.

Reference: Guillaume Bernet for Gonzai