Dolphin Flight


Wednesday 10 July
19:30 - 20:30: Les Marches - Pont Bessières

Dolphin Flight (CH)

80's Pop

Biel’s music scene is finally sharing their well-kept treasures, and Dolphin Flight is definitely one of them. The group released their first album a few months ago after being signed by Genevan label Cheptel Records. It’s hard to label their style, which drifts from R’n’B with a wicked groove to hypnotic reverie. One thing’s for sure: a music this suave is sure to be tainted with eroticism, yet it manages to avoid being kitsch. It’s more the stuff of dreamy, romantic tales.

Pretty addictive.



Keyboard: Ivan Crichton

Keyboard & Vocals: Gilles Humair

Guitar & Vocals: Luc Grandemange

Drums, Percussion & Vocals: Fabrice Pittet

Guitar, Bass & Vocals: Arnaud Pradervand