Thursday 11 July
20:00 - 20:45: La Perchée
Friday 12 July
20:15 - 21:00: La Perchée

Nicanor (FR)

Juggling / Dance

Copyleft is a flurry of juggling that couples physical vitality with the juggler’s proficiency, all while evolving through constant interaction with music. It is somewhere in between circus and dance. The performance explores the idea of listening, as well as the individual’s place within a group. These notions can be found in the philosophy of sport. In Copyleft, the juggler passes the object in a way that resembles football, the goal being perfect execution. The performance becomes a game with specific rules, a game in which interpretation can still be liberal and improvised. The result? Organized chaos!


Useful Info

Stage Direction and Stage Design: Nicanor de Elia

Performance: Juan Duarte, Lucas Castelo, Nahuel Desanto, Gonzalo Fernandez, Walid El Yafi

Musical Direction: Giovanni di Domenico