Comment j'ai tenté le ciel


Sunday 14 July
20:00 - 20:30: La Perchée

Lucas Struna & Antoine Herniotte (FR)

Dance / Circus

Comment j’ai tenté le ciel (Reaching For The Sky) tells the tale of an individual journeying to find physical and spiritual balance. The musical score attempts to awaken the senses to intangible energy, to the nuances in air density, to geoelectric or geomagnetic fields that propel movement.

Nested in the middle of the space is an Indian Pole, called Mallakhamb. No shrouds or ropes, nothing to hold on to. The pole embodies an energy field, an « axis mundi » that is shortened or lengthened by the man climbing it, dominating it, all while narrowly escaping the clutches of death.



Conception & Performance : Lucas Struna

Sound Design & Artistic Guidance : Antoine Herniotte

Stage Design : Guillemine Burin des Roziers

Production : Full Full

Co-Production :  SHAM Spectacles, with the support of Ville du Bourget, Conseil Régional d’Ile de France, Dispositif d’Aide à la création réseau La Déferlante, Pôle régional Cirque des Pays de la Loire

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