Colores Trio


Sunday 14 July
19:30 - 20:30: Les Marches - Pont Bessières

Colores Trio (CH)


During their concerts, they captivate the public with their youth, their enthusiasm and their love of music that constantly radiates energy and precision.

Using infinite nuances that best illustrate the many facets of percussion instruments, the COLORES trio created a vast musical repertoire: a mixture of original, contemporary and classical pieces.

During the Concours de musique de chambre (Chamber Music Competition) held by the Migros Culture Percentage, the COLORES trio was awarded the Prix du jury (Jury’s Choice Award) and the Prix du public (Public Choice Award).



 Percussions: Matthias Kessler, Lucas Staffelbach et Fabian Ziegler

This concert is made possible by the Migros Culture Percentage.