Cabaret Contemporain


Friday 12 July
23:00 - 00:00: Le Grand Canyon

Cabaret Contemporain (FR)

Instrumental Techno

Cabaret contemporain is a group experimenting with sound. Classical music, jazz and electro are bubbling out of their musical test tubes. One thing they don’t use much is digital, as the French quintet prefer creating their music with their instruments. It makes their performance much more tangible and true to their nature.  Watching the group live means listening to the palpable sounds of the synthesizer fooling around with the double bass, while guitar riffs effortlessly and masterfully drop the beat.



Piano: Fabrizio Rat

Guitar: Giani Caserotto

Drums: Julien Loutelier

Double Bass: Ronan Courty & Simon Drappier

Console: Pierre Favrez