Thursday 11 July
22:30 - 23:30: La Face Nord

Boogarins (BR)

Tropical Psych

Sombrou Dúvida is a question, a wordplay in the group's native Brazilian Portuguese. It’s a contraction of “Sombra ou Dúvida”, the title track of the album. The words - translated as ‘Shadow or Doubt’ - exude a somber feeling, given that both choices aren’t exactly cheerful. Yet Dinho, the smiling, Afro-donned singer of the group, tells us that “shadow” refers to a feeling related to your comfort zone, whereas doubt is the uncertainty that hits people and leads them to follow their instincts.

“We didn’t want to write songs telling people what to do, but instead help them find their own thing. So, there are more questions in the album than answers,” Dinho adds. 

In these days of uncertainty, perhaps there’s some comfort to be found by remaining in the shadows.

About Boogarins

 Boogarins’ Fernando “Dino” Almeida and Benke Ferraz began playing music together as teenagers in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia – creating psychedelic pop in their parents’ gardens, filtering their country’s rich musical history through a very modern lens. By the time the group’s home-recorded debut LP, ‘As Plantas Que Curam’ (2013), was released worldwide, the band had recruited a proper rhythm section and were developing a name around Goiânia. Soon after, the group was booking regular gigs in São Paulo and across the country. Ultimately, with glowing praise from critics abroad ( Chicago Tribune #9 Album of 2013 ) and a growing international audience, 2014 saw Boogarins circling the globe continually – headlining clubs and playing festivals from Austin to London, Paris to Madrid, New York to San Francisco, Santiago to Mexico City, playing alongside many great artists around the world.