Blick Bassy


Tuesday 9 July
21:30 - 22:30: Le Grand Canyon

Blick Bassy (CM)

Afro Pop

This writer and composer is an advocate for a peaceful and artistic resistance through music, language and rhythm. He sings in the Basaa language, but writes his novels in French.

“1958” is an album that questions codes in music. In it, Blick Bassy also pays tribute to Cameroon anticolonial resistance hero Ruben Um Nyobé. The blend of African rhythm and the sound of wind instruments speak to the universal heart of Humanity.

During his concerts, the dense melodies coax your body to sway. Definitely potent but gentle music.    



Lead Singer & Guitar: Blick Bassy

Cello & Vocals: Clément Petit

Trumpet, Keyboard & Vocals: Arnaud Cazenave

Sound Engineer & Manager: Edouard Bonan