Bach à la rencontre de la danse derviche


Sunday 14 July
18:00 - 19:00: La Châtelaine

Joanna Goodale & Rana Gorgani (CH, IRN)

Classical Music

This piece combines Joanna Goodale's piano arrangements and composition with Rana Gorgani's choreography and dance.

Bach à la rencontre de la danse derviche (Bach To Sufi Dance) is an immersive experience beyond the confines of art, music and spirituality. Different elements of sound and movement, Bach’s compositions and Sufi rituals intertwine and become ONE. The moto perpetuo soothes the soul as time stands still.  Both artists, completely absorbed by the present moment, inevitably surrender to instinct as they explore their respective instruments.

Rana Gorgani’s fascination with Persian culture led her to found the dance company L'Oeil Persan. Joanna Goodale established her career by treading the eclectic path of opening up classical music to the music of the world, reflecting her freedom of spirit.



Piano & Mechanical Effets: Joanna Goodale

Choreography and Sufi Dance: Rana Gorgani