Acte 2 - résister


Friday 12 July
00:30 - 01:30: La Perchée
Saturday 13 July
23:30 - 00:30: La Perchée

Tamara Cubas (UY)

Contemporary Dance

 "Acte 2 – To Resist" is the second part of Tamara Cubas’ anthropophagic trilogy. During one hour, over 1500 wooden planks are scattered to illustrate the unstable ground in a state of emergency. The vibrations emitted by the unsteady surface strengthen resistance, as portayed by the trance-like states of five dancers and a dog.

The Cimarron is a dog breed that fled back into the wild after being domesticated during the conquest that birthed modern-day Uruguay. These six beings symbolize a new communal way of life free from any superior authority. Acte 2 is a means of resisting the commercialization of our emotions and our bodies, as well as opposing the institutionalization and the hierarchization of human relationships.

About Tamara Cubas

Tamara Cubas (˚1972) lives and works in her home country Uruguay. Her stage creations have a strong visual component. In the last years Tamara Cubas has been investigating about memory and the recent past in a variety of supports (stage, photography, video, performance), situating herself at the intersection of several generations.



Direction: Tamara Cubas

Lighting and Sound: Leticia Sckrycky

Performers: Santiago Turenne, Alina Ruiz Folini, Mariana Marchesano, Tamara Gomez et Bruno Brandolino

Inspiration: "Matadouro" by Marcelo Evelin